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Grant Davis “In the Moment” Scene Study Workshop

Acting is simple. It’s all about connecting, breathing and becoming present to the moment; things we all do or strive to do in our everyday lives. How do we manage to make it so complicated? How would it feel to uncomplicate it and let go of our pre-existing ideas of having to “work” and “try” and “push” to get what we want, both as actors and human beings? In this workshop we will aim to bring focus to our bodies, our breath and our instincts and letting everything else fall where it may. Simplify your craft, and maybe your life will follow.

  • Saturday September 17th 2pm-5:30pm
  • Take 2 Performers Studio
  • Ten available spots for participants 17 years or older
  • Workshop will consist of a lesson, a warm-up and the scenes themselves.
  • Scene work will consist of an adjustment and opportunity to discuss discoveries and breakthroughs

Grant Davis Bio: Grant Davis has worked as both a musician and actor for over 15 years, in Reno and Los Angeles. He has participated in over twenty different theater productions, commercial productions, and on ten different professional film and television sets, including his work on the full length feature film “Something Like Summer.” He has trained at acclaimed acting studios including; Doug Warhit Studio, Scott Sedita Acting Studio, Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop and The Lee Strasberg Institute. Two years ago, he began his journey into teaching and coaching at Take 2 Performers Studio as the “unofficial” side coach in preparation for The Industry Network. Since then, Grant returned to Los Angeles and currently takes part in Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop’s teacher training program. Grant believes that a conduit to a more successful and happy person is a grounded and present actor; acting is simply living and when we become more attuned to what the moment is offering us we grow as both creatives and human beings.

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