Even before the Pandemic, self tapes were becoming a standard part of the casting process

and they are here to stay!


The best thing about self tapes is you have total control over the situation, unlimited takes until you get it just right! So let’s master the process!


In this 2 hour workshop with Tru Talent & Take 2 owner Justine Reyes you will learn:


What equipment you need

Proper lighting and sound

How to frame yourself

The right backdrop

How to self tape by yourself

How to self tape with a reader in person and on Zoom

How to decide on tone & style

How to get off book and deliver a winning performance


Each person will be emailed a short script to memorize before the workshop. We will use this material for your self tape work. 

Age 8 & up (8-12 years must have a parent in the workshop)


Date: Saturday, February 20th

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Cost: $30 

Limit 12

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